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Licensed Professionals

As a homeowner it is essential that you are aware of what credentials your remodeler should carry. Here in Wisconsin you should look for the following:

Dwelling Contractor Credential
This assures you that your contractor and his company carry a minimum of $250,000 (per occurrence) of general liability insurance. This credential is held by the company and must be renewed annually.

Dwelling Contractor Qualifier Credential
As of January 1, 2008, the second credential your remodeler should hold is called the Dwelling Contractor Qualifier Credential. It must be renewed every two years, and it’s held by an individual. That individual can be the company’s owner or partner or an employee of the person who holds the Dwelling Contractor Credential.

Master Plumber

Master Electrician

To see if the contractor you are interested in hiring carries the above credentials, visit the Wisconsin Credential search page, and enter the name of the credential, and the last name of the contractor.

Lead Safe Renovator, and a Lead Safe Company
As of April 2010, contractors involved with projects in homes built prior to 1978 must assume the home contains lead paint, and each company must be certified in the proper lead-handling practices. Visit the EPA website to learn more about safe practices.

To see what companies are certified Lead Safe companies, visit the Certified Lead Safe Companies in Wisconsin site, and click on link for Lead-Safe Renovation Contractors to view the latest list.