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Charting the Course

imagesOn September 18, 2013 the members of the NARI Fox Valley Chapter gathered for an evening of discussion and sharing of ideas. The evening was facilitated by Trisha Huizenga of Faciliate, LLC. Trisha is a business mediator and facilitator who guided the members as they brainstormed and discussed membership.

We started the meeting with a discussion “Why NARI Membership?”
Embrace remodeling
Voice in the industry
Education of ourselves and our members
Additional marketing avenue
Discuss business with fellow members
Meet new trade partners
Meet potential employers
Learn how to present value to homeowners
Recognition for our work as contractors

From here the discussion turned to:
1. What NARI activities have provided value to members in the past.
2. What activities should NARI focus on in the future to provide the most value.

At the conclusion, each person in attendance was asked to rank the items discussed as 1, 2 and 3. One being the most important. Please click on this link for the  NARI Charting the Future Course spreadsheet showing the breakdown. You will find that the topics have been sorted in three ways: By total number of votes, highest number of votes for each number ranking. While not included on the attached list, hands down the number one ranked future activity was a destination GMM in Aruba!

This information will now be taken by the board and used as the road map to chart the future course for NARI Fox Valley.