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NARI Professionals


When you hire a professional to do remodeling work on your home, you need to know that the remodeling contractor you choose is a full-time, dedicated remodeling professional. NARI’s certification programs offer this assurance through its extensive screening and testing process. You can be assured that any time you hire someone with a NARI certification, you are hiring an individual who has made a strong commitment to his or her business.

NARI certification is a challenging process, requiring extensive knowledge of the industry and a commitment to professional conduct. Even highly experienced and skilled remodelers find the screening and testing process formidable. And because no one is eligible for certification until they have been actively involved in the remodeling industry for at least two to five years, you know that the NARI certified professional you hire has had a number of years to develop the experience and skills that can only be gained through extensive hands-on practice.

NARI certified professionals are:

  • Only full-time remodeling professionals.
  • Actively involved in the remodeling industry for at least two to five years prior to earning a certification.
  • Are granted certifications after intensive study and completion of a written exam.
  • Are reviewed individually by the NARI Certification Board.

NARI Fox Valley contractors who have taken the extra step to become a NARI Certified Professional:

  • Gary Fassbender, CAPS*; Distinctive Renovations
  • Susan Fassbender, UDCP; Distinctive Renovations
  • Tod Raehl, CR; Tod Raehl Remodeling & Construction, Inc.
  • Dave Welhouse, CR; Welhouse Construction Services, LLC
  • Paul Welhouse, MCR, GCP, UDCP, CAPS*; Welhouse Construction Services, LLC

Available NARI Certifications:

MCR: A Master Certified Remodeler is a CR of 10+ years who holds another NARI certification and has demonstrated leadership within NARI or within the local community.

CR: A Certified Remodeler provides a full range of remodeling services. To become a CR, candidates must possess skill and knowledge in a broad range of business management and technical areas.

CRS: A CRS focuses on a specific type of work and serves the needs to homeowners interested in their area of technical excellence, such as concrete and masonry work, clerical work, insulation, mechanical systems, plumbing systems and roofing and siding.

CRA: A Certified Remodeler Associate actively supports the remodeling industry in professions such as architects, designers, manufacturers, suppliers and consultants.

CKBR: These certified professionals provide remodeling services specific to kitchens and bathrooms. To become a CKBR, candidates must possess skills and knowledge focused on the requirement of materials, layout and installation of kitchens and bathrooms.

GCP: Green Certified Professionals consider sustainability in maximizing nature’s resources and energy in an efficient and responsible manner in the conduct of their business and in design and construction of their client’s remodeling projects

UDCP: A Universal Design Certified Professional handles renovations that make the home livable for anyone who wishes to move about his/her house freely, without barrier and without creating an “institutional” look. Families who have members with special needs also benefit from a UDCP.

CLC: A CLC is the hands-on field personnel who oversees every aspect of the project: customer satisfaction, personnel management, administration, etc., while working on the project.

CRPM: A Certified Remodeler Project Manager oversees the technical aspect of the project, including personnel management and material flow while working on the project.

*CAPS – Certified Aging in Place Specialist is a designation obtained through the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB). Obtaining this designation shows that the certification holder has the technical, business management and customer service skills essential to competing in the aging in place market.